Thursday, March 28, 2013

The last day

Tomorrow is the last day I get to spend with my Kindergartener's
I'm going to miss every single one of them. 
Ammon, with his silly grin and his sincerity to include everyone in a game, even the teachers. 
Ashlyn, with her pink glasses and freckled dimpled face. 
Kale, who is a spaceship in his own world. I wish I could take him home.
Jason, who has become my bud and who's lisp is so bad that you just nod to let him know you're listening.
 Preston, who will and should always walk like a cat. 
Taft, who is flighty but the most incredibly minded kid in the class.
Sofi, who has touched my heart without even saying a word
Mackenzie, for reminding me of my childhood, while looking exactly like my dear friend Blue. 
Mark, who like Kale is the captain of his own spaceship and creates his own worlds on paper.
Daniel, if the grinch's heart at the end of "The Grinch Stole Christmas" could fit and explode from a little body, it would be him. He is wonderful and so smart. 
Vanessa, who loves to be the center of attention and loves to show you what she has been working on.
Tyrus, who's voice surprised us all. 
Jake, little man. 
Ashley, who is a princess in her own right.
Andrew, one word, smart.
Ben, loud, but so sweet.
Lilly, who did not get to go out to dinner for her birthday, but had the cutest bell as little blue bell.
Sarah, sassy!
Chloe, hasn't said a word to me the whole I've been there, but we made eye contact smiles today, it was great. 
Ainsely, who has so much to say, you just have to close enough to hear it. 
Truman, he's going to be President one day.  
Suzie, friend to everyone, but the teachers.
Sophia friends with everyone, including the teachers. 
Fisher, I have fallen in love with this kid. He is so fun, always smiling. 
Kennedy, so sporty she may have invented the word.
Jones, the second one I would like to take home. His brown eyes and scuffed up face and arms from falling off his bike and trampoline slay me. 

I really wish I could show you a picture of these cuties, but wanting to keep them safe you'll just have to believe me when I say these are the best kids. I will miss them dearly. 
Mrs. Bigelow has been so gracious and welcoming to Leah and I in our field. 
We even got initiated into the class today but being swept into a game of cops and robbers with the kids at recess....
the only thing was Leah and I were the only robbers, all the other kids found MUCH joy in being the cops and putting us in jail. 

 We also were able to bring out a creative side: Leah and I helping with their nursery rhyme day, can you tell which one we are acting out?
The kids found it quite hilarious, I hope you do too :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gratitude for People

I love people. 
I adore them.
I love having friends and being a friend.
I love laughing.
I love hugging.
I love being there for someone to have a shoulder to cry and for me to have a shoulder to cry on.
I love friendship. 
I love, love.
I love divulging secrets that create a friendship.
I love staying friends through many ups and downs.
I love being friends who share some of the same day dreams.
I love married friends.
I love cousins, friends by birth.
I love people. 
I adore making others happy.
I love hugs. 
I love cheek kisses. 
I love my husband.
I love my mom.
I love my dad.
I love my family. 
I love my new friendships.
I love my continuing friendships. 
These are just a few of the people who I feel have made a huge impact on my life. 
There will be a mass amount of pictures about to ensue. 

 My Mother
 Part of my Nauvoo family: 
Samantha, Bridget, Colter, Jon Rose, Toone, Alyssa, and Andy
This Sweetie Pie
 My husband, Cody and Blue Whitlock
 My extended family:
Kiri, Gracie, Andrew, Kaden, Savannah, Ashleigh, Shania
 Old Friendships: Jamie, Rauni, (from birth) Ashleigh
 My mother, again :)
 My hilarious brother, James
 My darling sister/cousin/friend/bestie. I love her so much, Ashleigh 
We were born six days apart.
 My papa. I love him so much
 Laurie da bomb Hite. Sad, I haven't heard from her recently.
 My lovely step-mom, Xan. She's become one of my best friends.
 My brother and I doing what we do
 My other life long friend, Rauni. Been so since we were chillings.
 Met Sierra in an institute choir, she is a serious inspiration to me.
 Bridgette, my mom and friend in the El Ed program.
 My mom and my second mom, Ms Stauffer
 Oh and a wedding picture. Happiest day of my life people.
 I adore my new family with every fiber of my body.
 I met some really great people in this year's Christmas Carol. Especially Julia, she is the beauty on the left. We clicked like no body's business and I think we were meant to meet at that time.
 Erin beauty Wright. She got endowed in the LDS temple yesterday, and I was so lucky to attend. It's interesting to see the friendships down the road when you first hated each other (yay for growing up and being friends)
 My bridesmaids, and my dearest friends. Blue W., Ashleigh S. Veraunica S. Shelby S., and Sarah F. I love them all so much. I also adore Wendy, my mom's friend in the back with her daughter who has been like a younger sister to me throughout our lives.
 Oh, how did that get there? I may like my husband a little. 
I can't explain how much he truly has done for me throughout our two years of dating, 5 month engagement and now "almost" year of marriage.
 I love dancing and love that my friends do too.
This is one of the first outings that Sarah F. and I had as friends. I'm still grateful to this day that we are friends.
 Erin Wright again, I love her face and spontaneous road trips we have partaken in together.
 I adore this girl. I would do anything for her within the drop of hat. I love her so much and I hope that we are friends throughout the millennial.
  My dear companion and sister from beyond. We connected in a way that I didn't think was possible for two people who were different but very much the same. 
She is on a mission for the LDS church and I pray for her every night :)
 Another Nauvoo sister who was there for me when I needed a friend the most. I feel that we were friends beyond the veil and will always have a special connection. I always feel complete and happy when I get to see her.
 My first companion in Nauvoo and the sweetest, most talented person you will meet. She taught me so much about pursuing what makes you happy and never letting a moment pass to help someone else out. She is having her first child in may with her husband who was a Nauvoo missionary too!
 Oh my Nauvoo sisters. They changed my life forever.
Sister Hess, Sister Frisby, Sister Steele, Sister Aramaki, Sister Brower, Sister Paulsen, Sister Johnson, Sister Chauncey, and Sister Carrol. 
 My cousins, Gracie and Shelby. Love their faces.
 She is a cutie, I hope we can be friends again someday.
 Liesl Hansen and my cousin Ashleigh. Liesl is the epitome of self confidence.
One of my new best friends. We had something crazy in common which bloomed into a friendship that I feel will not be left to dry up in the desert after we graduate. I love her so much already.   

 One of the prettiest girls on the planet, who has the sweetest heart. Kaylee, you are a doll. 
She is also my Nauvoo sister. 

Maddy Blue, I love you girl. We'll always be friends. 

And of course my husband, he will always be my best best best of friend. 
I love him so much
oh, I'm already said him? 
Oh, oh well. I have a hard time not talking about how much I love him.

So these were only a small portion of the people who have made a carving in my heart. Each one is dear and means so much to, so much so that I would be devastated to lose them. 
I hope they truly know how much they mean to me. 

I love people.
I love these people. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spontaneous Money, Spontaneous Date

Yesterday afternoon I was high up on my cloud nine after finding our box of wedding cards.
 All 200 of them.
I made them into booklet's with rings, I'm pretty proud of it!
As I as was looking through, throwing away envelopes, and reading the heart-felt messages left by those who came to our wedding, I found these beauties:
- ITunes Gift Card 
-Target Gift Card
-30 dollars cash
-25 dollar Visa Gift Card

So what did we do with this new found cash? 
Went on a spontaneous date to Nickelcade of course!

We are kids at heart.
Actually we still are kids.
We LOVE video games and coin thieving games
Matt is amazing at fast reflex gaming
Exhibit A: 

He won on his first try 145 tickets! 

I on the other LOVE interactive games where I am move my body in, sometimes, contorting ways
Exhibit B:
Human Sized Fruit Ninja 

Look at those flailing arms of steel! (pffft haha)
I think I spent, at least, 1/4 of my nickels on this game. 

Now the rest are pictures from our night, mostly a homage to the amazing facial expressions we as the Call's possess. 

Our date night was a success and the above picture will be my facebook profile pic if I ever become a sugar momma.