The Dating

Mr. M and I met our senior of High School.
We were put into the same one act group in our Drama 4 class and performed and took to state the stage adaption of, "The Breakfast Club"
Whoever thought Bender and Alison would end up together? 
We spent many days together after that listening to music in his car, having races down University Ave, and buying a drink from Harmon's and talking the nights away.

Towards the end of our Senior year Mr. M, asked me to perform a duet with him from A Secret Garden. We sang, "How Could I Ever Know".

I was smitten.
He was not....or so I thought.
I never lead on that I actually liked Mr. M more than friends, you see he was dating the most popular girl in the Drama department. The one that got all the leads, the one any guy would have loved to be with.
So I wasn't going to cross her path.

After we graduated and the summer came to a close, Mr. M had turned in his mission papers for the LDS church and had received his call to the Baltimore, Maryland mission leaving in November.
He and friends decided to have one "last" shebang before he headed out.
He and his friends decided they wanted to go to the Homecoming dance at our High School.

Mr. M called me up and we had a splendid time.
I loved being close to him and I'm sure if I hadn't chickened out and run inside after the dance he would have kissed me. Later knowledge received from Mr. M confirmed my suspicions.

Mr. M left on his mission and I wrote him every once and awhile, being sure to keep in touch.
2 years later he came back home...and broke up with his girlfriend...
Uh...I may have jumped at that chance.

We started dating a mere two weeks after their breakup and the rest is history.
We did date for 2 years, ups and downs, but mostly ups.

We've been to a Muse concert together.
Front Row.
On the Floor.
His arms around me.

 We've laughed.
Been through red hair and practical mullets.

Dressed Up.
Stayed Up.
Danced it up.

 And Kissed a Ton.
What can I say?
He's a Good Kisser :)
 On November 11, 2011
My handsome man proposed to me at an institute dance to a song that he had written for me and about me.
We were married April 28, 2012 in the LDS Mt. Timpanogus Temple
And we couldn't be happier.


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