Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Education is one thing, teaching is another.
I have been taught how to be a teacher but teaching itself is a whole other story.
I have been at the teaching gig for almost a month now and let me tell you: it is hard, it is draining, and it is time consuming.

Why is it hard? There are consistent changing lesson plans that need to be made a week in advance. There are children with varying levels of ability that you must differentiate for. There are children with behavior issues that parent contact must come in and necessary changes be made, for the betterment of the child. There are parents, administration, peers, and IA's to impress. There are evaluations to be ready for that determine your salary increase---or decrease. There are days that you are so exhausted that you come home with what feels like an ulcer in your side and sleep from the afternoon to early morning. There are days that you dread going back because you don't feel quite as prepared as you think you should be. There are times that you cry at your desk because you have never felt so alone in your life and wonder if any other career would be this hard.

Why is it draining? Spending 8 hours with 25 4-5 year olds---think about it.

Why is it time consuming? You are constantly worried about your lesson plans---are they good enough? do they push the envelope? do they help these kids think deeper thoughts or are they garbage to them? Can they see that I am still finding my way through this? You are constantly thinking about the kids that PUSH you and strike your nerve just because of how they are. They are little, they are learning. The amount of patience that goes into this job is amazing, as well as undeniable.

Truthfully, It's hard.