Friday, September 3, 2010

Happiness: LDC: Latter-day Celebration

There is this choir at the institute of religion in Orem, Utah.
A choir that many want to be apart of.
Including myself.

Last year I tried out for this choir...
No go.
No entry.
Turn back now.
(It was a sad day)

Now, 365 days later (approx.)
I tried out again
I walked up those looming steps
Stepped onto the X and...
was asked to talk to those around me for the choir director needed to get up and walk.
I talked and met Jessica and John.
We talked about driving outside, hiking, and backpacking in the outdoors
10 minutes later.
The director came back. Sat down.
I was invited to start singing.
I started to sing.
Singing, "How could I ever know" from the Secret Garden.
(I love this song)
(I had the opportunity to sing it as a duet in high school, with a guy I liked/like)
(I may be bias, but I thought it kicked butt)
I thought hard to remember the words.
I was shaking like a leaf.
Hands sweating but eyes fixed on the prize.
Messed up on a phrase, but it didn't phase.
I sang with all my heart.
I sang through the shaking, through the sweaty hands, and through the doubt.
I put feeling into the song.
I sang like I used to.
I love music.
I ended and was told that it was sung beautifully.
I walked to my seat.
Adrenaline pulsing through my veins.
I felt good about the audition.
I felt accomplished.
(That in itself was a good feeling)

Next day: List goes up
Morning time schooling
List goes up at noon
Devotional at noon
Looking at list at 1
Couldn't wait while in the devotional,so I excused myself to go look at the list.
I walked slowly towards the door.
I first tried to find my cousin's name on the sheet.
I Found it! Yay, she got in!
Next, I slowly scan from the bottom up and land on 13 letters.
13 glorious letters
Written in the same black ink as the rest of the page.
I had gotten in.
I had gotten in..
Oh my goodness!
I had gotten in!!!
My heart flooded with joy and happiness that I haven't felt in awhile
I couldn't stop smiling
My heart swelling with complete bliss.
I was going to be in a magnificent choir.
A choir where every individual is a missionary for the lord, through music.
What could be better?
(Very few things in this world)

I'm on an emotional high
I'm not quite sure when i'll be coming down.