Friday, January 22, 2010

'hello this is ____ from ___agency'

I just finished my math homework, that means that I have none for the rest of the weekend and that makes me happy. I do however have to do some astronomy homework for a test that the professor told us about, today. yay.
But why i wanted to come on here and write is because I had a revelation so to speak, let me explain.

Saturday, I went to the mall with a friend of mine and we were walking around the mall trying to find him a jacket. We ended up in banana republic (oh men's clothing in there) and found a jacket that looked spectacular on him, if that isn't too bold to say. He bought the jacket, i was happy, and we headed towards Nordstrom's. As we were browsing the men's department two, very out of place looking people, come up to us and tell us that they were scouts for a talent agency and thought we were perfect for a part that this agency was trying to cast. They asked if we would be willing to come up to Salt lake later in the week for an audition for the agency, took our numbers, and walked away. I was surprised and so was my friend. We didn't hear anything from the agency over the weekend.

Tuesday, I am sitting in my fundamentals of Music class and my phone starts to ring, I look down and it is a number that I am unfamiliar with. I decide to walk out of class for a moment to take the call and get a, 'hello this is ____ from ___agency, our scouts gave us your name and number and said that you would be willing to come for an interview/audition. Are you free tomorrow" I said yes, she told me I all I had to bring was some photos and that they were excited to meet me tomorrow. Later that day my friend also got a call for his appointment, a little over an hour before mine.

Wednesday, after ballroom class my friend and I bolted up to Salt Lake City, got kinda lost, and arrived at the agency about 20 mins into his appointment. We sat down filled out a little paper work and then were both escorted into a room with multiple pictures on the walls from various magazines. One magazine cover included a picture of Keri Russel. If you don't know who she is, that's ok, she was in August rush and The waitress. I heart her acting, and apparently she started out as a seventeen magazine model, who knew. Anyway, a man is sitting there with cowboy boots and a Versaci read correct...Versaci! Who in the world would wear Versaci in utah, of all places, i guess if you are the owner of an agency, then yea, you could afford to buy Versaci and wear it around like it's nothing special. Wow. He proceeded to make small talk with us, saying that I looked like I was 17 (thanks...) and that the photos we both brought we great. (thanks Laurie) Oh my friends laurie also came with us, and I'm glad. She kept this guy so easy going and I think made him like us more than if it was us two. But after awhile he reached down into the cabinet next to him and took out two cold reads ("CRAP!" is what I was thinking, because i'm horrible...horrible at cold reads). He told us that this is different than a theater cold read, he needed real emotion. The cameras would only be recording from your shoulders up (oh, sorry..he was teaching how to audition for a movie, if we signed with him he would give us auditions, etc. ) So he left us for 5 mins in which I read over my cold read. It was about a daughter/sister (he made it so i was talking to my mom) so a daughter who was informed that her mother was dying. And she needed to say these last words before her mother died, but she was begging her mom not to die. Let's just say I was a bit scared...
5 mins past
He was back in the room, moved the chair from where I was sitting and asked me to stand on a duct tape X on the floor. I began to read, I could tell that I was pretty monotone, but afterwards he kinda stared at me and said that, that was the best cold read he had heard all day (not sure how much of that was true, but it made me feel good) He then looked at me and said, "I'm going to give you a little scenario now, ok?" I nod, "You and your mother had been talking that day, and you had left your house to come up here to do this appointment. As we are talking you get a call from the Utah Valley medical Center telling you that you're mother had gotten into a horrible car accident and was scheduled for surgery in less than an hour and they would appreciate you coming down. When you get there the doctor tells you that she is doing fine and will not be in need of surgery. You wait for about a half an hour and the same doctor comes in and tells you that something has happened and your mother will not make it. He tells you that you have 5 mins to basically say goodbye. You walk into the room, your mother (he kept using my mom's name, Tammy) lay on the bed, with tubes sticking out everywhere, machines helping her breathe, helping her heart beat, helping everything. Everyone leaves the room. (After he said this I already had tears streaming down my face and started to read the cold read) Basically the jist of the read was the daughter saying how the mother and her always didn't get along, but that she loved her and she couldn't live without her. I don't know how he did it, but he got me into that zone and I was crying all the way through. He said, "Now that was a cold read"

The revelation that I was talking about earlier. I have been in the wrong place for acting.
I may not be a theater actor, but I can act in front of a camera.
But besides that, I don't want to be around people like him. Afterwards it felt like he only wanted our money and such so we decided (my friend and I) that we didn't want to do it. It was a good experience and i found out that I could something that I never thought I could. So I guess it will be a lost dream or talent or I don't even know what to call it. But I have other things I would rather do with life. But I can act, it may not have seemed like it in high school. Because really, i can't act on the stage. I think my actions are very inclusive, very upfront and close, like the screen. So at least I know I can do that. Make someone believe that something is happening, when it's not. Isn't that what acting is? Making someone believe it is real? Not i'm just rambling, but that's my little brush with almost fame. haha, not really, but one for the story books.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A different kind of decade

As we all know it is the start of new year, well actually we are 6 days and counting into the new year. I have recently moved home and I don't have internet there. So i haven't had the ability to write about my life in a narcissistic way in which all I do is talk about myself and what is going in my life..always, to about two people maybe three on a good day. Well at least they want to hear my rambles or not so make sense sentences (that was a perfect example). Anyway...that was frightfully off topic, reverting back to previous topic...3...2...1.

Start of the new year, start of a new decade. Holy cheese wiz!!! i can't believe how much has happened in this last year, or this last decade. I can't believe how old I am. 20...and soon to be turning 21! What!?! That's what old people do, or that's what I used to think old people did.. that was until i became an "old" person. Which in retrospect, i'm really not THAT old. But that's besides the point, alot has happened. But this blog isn't about what has happened but what I want to happen in the next 10 years, or maybe knock it down to a more desirable and easier to understand and put forth effort to accomplish, one year. 2010.

2010. Wow.

I want to be able to find myself this year, so understand who I really am and be able to have the confidence to proclaim it to the world. Well maybe not proclaim, but possibly yell or shout a little louder than the almost unheard peeps that usually come forth from my mouth. I would like to be able to have a stronger testimony in the gospel and not be ashamed of it, I feel like I have to catch myself when I'm about to the feel the spirit, because I'm running the risk of crying (if you didn't know, i have very large tear ducts, i cry in everything..usually when i'm alone though) So i have to get over the crying phobia that i have given myself. I want to be able to discern between what is best for me and what is good and what is definitely bad and wrong. I learned alot from this previous year, alot about myself and not making choices just because someone else thinks its ok. that's not ok, when you feel it isn't ok. I run my life. That too, i want to know that I have complete control of my life (but when you lose your job, move home, and are broke from school you feel like you have not one ounce of control in your life) I want to feel independent while being able to accept help from my parents when they are willing to give it to me. I need to be for gracious and deserving of their love. I hope that I can be more grateful for the people in my life and not hurt them in ways that I have in previous years. And if you are someone that me and you haven't talked in awhile, we should get together and rekindle that old friendship that we had, because I don't want to lose you in the little things of life. You're all I have along with my family that mean so much to me. So there, here we go 2010. bring it on. :)