Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking Back

For some reason when I start thinking about things and just have so much on my plate. I want to write, and sometimes it comes out as poetry(not very good poetry) and some times songs and short stories. But basically, this is my blah blah page. :)

Looking back from times that've past
Remembering what was, that didn't last
Something lost, that won't be found
Trying hard to forget and move round

Sincerely moved, from the concept
From day to day, and week to week
Time moves so slowly, and inches towards the end
How can we find, what were looking for
When were stuck in a muddle


All make the soul grow older

Yearning to be happy for someone around
Trying to fake that happy smile
To see that, with it
Turns the inside so cold
With no warmth around and no way to take hold

To be happy, when so miserable
Is a hard thing to do
How to break free from the muddle of drubble
The hi and hello
The goodbye and see ya later

"There is a fine line between a lover, and a friend
There's a fine line between reality and pretend"

One step at a time
One tear fallen down
One smile set aside
One last yearning for an honest goodbye
Say yes
Say No
Don't project what you think
Don't tell what you think
Just have the honesty to tell me it's done
It's over
It's through
And it's finished

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is finally happening!

I know that i already wrote today, and I am sure that only one person reads my blog. (Liesl, thanks!) But, that's beside the point.
I auditioned today for Beauty and the Beast at the Scera Shell in Orem.
And I made CALL BACKS!!! For the first time in 3 years I made callbacks for a show, it is finally happening, finally I get my foot into the door of theater. And be able to try for more shows in the future. I am slowly getting more comfortable with auditioning. So I'm getting there. Slowly but surely!
Call-backs are on Monday! I'll tell you how it goes after!


I have come to the realization that I tend to fall out of the classroom. I forget where I am, and come into a whole different world. Where a teacher isn't lecturing me on what ethical values are most important in the world, but I am being instructed by a turn of the tide solider preparing me for what is up ahead. The darkness closing in around us with only one single candle to light our way. We make our way through the canopy covered forest, moving swiftly but carefully so as not to make a sound. In fear of waking the unknown creatures of the deep darkness. A blast of light from a shot above the canopy opens a hole in which I can see the blue sky, the clouds passing very slowly across. .. I find myself running for now apparent reason, just to make it to the end before time runs out. I have lost my companion but am approached by something new and different to me. I'm not sure how to describe the creature, except for the huge nose he has on what seems to be his face. But I see no eyes, no mouth and no features that would even remotely tell me it was human. Then i realize, it's a tree. A tree, with no life. But that of photosynthesis and dirt eating. The forest disappears from me, and feel my legs return to the hardness of the classroom seat, accompained by the cold touch of the metal. I had come out of my daydream as fast as i had entered it.
Oh, the mind of the bored, brings us to such child like terms. But makes my life worth living and keeps my mind energized and I can say I still have an imagination, even if I have to grow up. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Windsnesday? or Wednesday?

Today, I woke up.
I peered out the window to see---no sunshine---a wet walkway---and ducks.
The only happiness that flooded my mind at that precise moment was the oatmeal that I would begin to prepare in those solid, but crucial moments before school.
As i sulked out of bed I realized that I was march. "How could this be happening"
I freaking heard a blue jay chriping the other day isn't that the universal sign that winter/rain/sadness is supposed to over/done/finished?
... I guess not.

One thought:
Utah=Bi-Polar Weather
Forcast for the Month of March
Monday - Sunny as heck
Tuesday - Blizzards with side of 2 inches of ice
Wednesdays - Rain...all day
Thrusday - Death to everything living
Friday - Hot, really HOT
Saturday - Dreary with a friendship of gloomy clouds rushing over
Sunday - All the weather mixed into one glorious sunny day and then pushed into the next week to start the "need of perscription" week.

Yay. for a place where we are continually surrounded by mountains, which apparently change our weather to whatever they please...not what the season seem to say.

Rain = Dreary
Sun = Shorts = Happiness (tan)
Snow(in march) = Depression

Now, not everything is bad about the weather....

But, Hot chocolate Cupcakes and 6 new goldfish are both VERY Good things~!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Colorado ADVENTURE part 25 (or so times I've been there)

This last week for Spring Break I had the opportunity to go to Coloado and visit my Daddios!!
He is quite the awesome guy, he is not a blue collar guy. Has his own business, selling antiques and loves it! He also does this strange stuff with currency that I don't understand, so i just let him do it. And he is quite the awesome person. He walks around the house talking nice the cats with his crazy voices. (maybe that's where i got my weird voices..haha)
I was so stoked..and then i saw my brother and his's not that it isn't unsightly it's's just. It's crazy that a 16 year old boy can have that much facial hair, and I swear he looks like the goat man off of Narnia ...Mr. Tumnus is his name isn't it?

Aside from the very noticeable beard I loved seeing my brother and spending time with him. While my father was at a lunch meeting, myself and brother boy went to do a bit of bowling. He was trying to teach me to do the awesome bowling spin that professionals can do...I couldn't do it..haha. Not like I was expecting to be able to. (James could barely do it either) So, neither one of us got even close to breaking 100 but that's ok, it was a blast! And to top it off they gave us scratch cards afterwards and we won 4 free games of bowling and 5 dollars off your next game!!! So we were pretty pleased with ourselves.
Later that night...(preface, there is this place that me and James call the "chickey farm" but is actually called the White Fence Farm or something lame like that. It is like an awesome version of Kentucky fried chicken, only 14 times better)

There is a whole couple acres full of place to explore (oh goodness i sound like a 5 year old) with a tree house some awesome grounds were you can walk around and look at a few animals and take some awesome random pictures. Such as:

There is a tire swing on the premise that is only thing that remembered from a few years back, so we just had to take some pictures on it. And James is having a race with...well himself. And I think he losing. Poor guy.

So i was lucky enough to be there in Colorado when James was getting his braces off, and me being so attached to my camera in the last few days had to take as many pictures as possibly when they were coming off.

Here is a before:

And after THREE LONG GRUELING YEARS...................

The After:

Yay for no more braces!!! He was pretty stoked on his new and improved straight teeth. And he got some awesome whitening stuff, which he hasn't actually started using yet. So hmmm, well see. He told me he is pretty jealous of my pearly whites...which i don't feel they are that white.

So the rest of the week we had some yummy food, checked out downtown and had a blast. I can't wait to go see my dad again, i miss him already.

I wish also that spring break was a little bit longer. Because the week long Colorado (away from Utah trip) cleared my head and I can possibly make it through 4 more weeks of school and possibly/most likely pass all my classes !!! YAY!! That makes me so happy.

Oh, and my apartment has 21 new roommates..well 22 ...we got a butt load of goldfish tonight from our FHE brothers, isn't that so nice of them! (rolls eyes)

hmmm. What else is new and improved in my life...hmm Oh I have finally made (for the first time in my life) to the book of Alma in the scriptures!!! I am so stoked because I have heard these stories but never actually had the opporunity to read them myself. So it is wicked awesome.

Also, I am reading "Confessions of a Shopaholic" It is way good so far, the movie was good but the book is showing things that were a tad bit different from the movie (as usually happens) but it is quite good so far. And it is nice to be reading a book i haven't read before. :)

So yeah, I should probably be getting to bed that I can think about the glorious thing that is cleaning checks tomorrow.......(acutally i'm dreading them....icky) so there we go. A whole new blog about something random in my life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Other Boleyn Girl

About 4 months ago I started to read this book:

The problem with me is I can only read a certain book for a small amount of time . So I would read a few chapters, put it down. Wait a week or two. Pick up and start the same trend all over again. But FINALLY i finished the book.
It was fantastic. I can't believe the writing style of this woman. I love how she can paint the picture in your head. Along with her ability to put the image in your head, you feel almost connected with the character's mind that you read in the book. Mary Boleyn. These women back in the time of Henry the 8th were no less treated like cattle. Being tossed around by their family and thrown into a relationship or marriage that was suitable in the eyes of power and wealth. But far from the comforting and loving nature that a marriage should established upon.
Mary Boleyn was married to a man twice her age at the small age of 12, I believe it was. The king (who's wife was now barren, and could no longer bear children) was looking for a "diversion" for himself...or so you could call it.

Long story short......kinda

-Mary Boleyn is sent to seduce the king
-Three or so years she is at his beck and call only as his mistress.
-She bears a daughter.
-Anne Boleyn tries to divert the king (and succeeds just before Mary has a boy)
-Mary's children are sent to the country.
-Anne Boleyn is on a mission to de thrown the queen of england and marry the king.
*****************many years pass. Anne is the King's mistress.
-Anne becomes queen after the queen is found poisioned.
-Anne conceives with a daughter.
-Anne has 4 miscarriages.
********************* many a mad king later, flirting with women, outcasts Anne.
-Anne is beheaded along with their Brother George for beliefe that incest had taken place.
-Mary Boleyn marries again to a man she loves and take "Elizatbeth" (many years later to
become QUEEN elizabeth) as her own. Who was Anne's daughter. And the story ends.

After 4 months of SLOWLY reading this book. I was very happy to finally finish and it made me realized how grateful I am to be in a time where I can do what I want. I can get an education. I can marry who i desire. I can be who I want to be, not what my family says I should be. I have my own way to go, and no one else writes my story for me. The women of the past were quite extrodinary. But incredibly held back in the aspect of reaching their full potential.
I'm glad to be somewhere, and be someone who can make her 0wn choices. yay!

......Now i just need another book to read.
One with:
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FHE Movie: Where are they Now!!??

This is a movie that my FHE group made for an academy awards night this friday with our ward. I did the editing which is pretty cool, you should watch it and tell me what you think. It is a movie about Snow White and Mary Poppins a.k.a. sister poppins and where they are now after they did their disney movies.

You never would have thought that snow white would become a personal trainer and Mary Poppins a sister missionary...amazing what that woman can do, apparently even turn back time.!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


are Amazing!
that is all... :)