Monday, January 20, 2014

My Mantra

My wonderful husband said this quote to me during a breakdown I had before starting my student teaching two weeks ago.
I was afraid, I was doubtful, and I was unsure about my ability to do well in this 11 week long experience.
He told me to just focus on the now. What did I need to do now in this moment of my life.
Taking each day at a time, each hour as it passes, and each lesson as I teach it, has calmed my nerves to the point where I am still afraid and intimidated as I drive to school, but I am happy and feel confident by the end of the day.

Keeping up with life

Time and time again I have started post after post trying to write down what is going on in my life.
I used to be good at this blogging thing, writing at least a post a week.
The posts were fun, engaging, and all-in-all about me.
I want to change that. I want to write about the things that make me, me. But also keeping in mind that certain things need to be kept with in the recesses of my heart, only for me to enjoy and those I shared it with.
There are things that should be left unwritten. 

I've also realized that I've become incredibly distant from social media.
Once spending hours (addiction material) drooling over others lives and their problems, happiness, and successes...pining over "recipes you must try", "The wardrobe you need to be you" and "the crafts that you want to do but never will have time for" on Pinterest. Spending time and more time on facebook, scrolling through statuses, photos, and "Wish I could there" posts.

Then I went to Florida for a week:
I rarely touched my phone during that glorious time with family.
All I wanted was to be around my dad, brother, husband, step-mom, and grandparents. I didn't want to stay inside and watch TV, 
I wanted to experience life and the people around me. 
It was breathtaking how much more I remember when I don't have my phone glued to my hand, or constantly beeping in my pocket.
Don't get me wrong, I want to stay in contact with people. But then again, there is a time and place for it. If we don't give our lives the chance to be changed by those around us and live for the "best picture" 'or "the most likes on facebook" we are losing the real meaning of what life gives us---these unmistakable moments that are captured in the eye of the beholder. The view that only your eyes can take in, the smells that come back to you in an instant, and the touch that only you can feel.

Again, don't get me wrong. Pictures are worth taking, they help us document our lives. But if it gets in the way of a moment that needs to be only shared between you and that one person, let it happen, let it go, and just enjoy them.