Saturday, May 30, 2009

One day at a time, a lifetime to fill them.

I have been thinking the last couple days about how life is: what life is: and how we take advantage of the time that is given to us. On the depressing note of things we never get a moment back, we never get a second chance, we never get to press pause and rewind to try again. Every second that I sit here at my computer typing each individual word is me losing a precious moment of my life. The life that I promised myself would be remembered for the good things i have done and the accomplishments I reached and the failures that I learned from. Even at 20 years of age I regret things I have done, things I haven't done, and things I will never be able to do again. There are instances that i wish i could woosh back to. To remember the happiness, or sadness, or trial, or adveristy, or the laughter, tears, hugs, smiles and just pure bliss.

How do you know what to do with the time that is given you. There are so many things i would like to do, and things that I don't want to do...but I tell myself that this is the life that was given me and I won't be able to do these things on the other side but i still dont' do them. (like going on rollercoasters for one) I won't die on these things, they aren't incredibly life changing, but I don't do it and I lose that chance to say I did what I set out to do...and I never get that moment back.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have recently started a new job, which by this time i can fully make a slight evaluation of how it is going. I started about two and half weeks ago and I'm learning so much, first off...I got a job at Curves (It's a gym for women)
The rules:
Don't have to wear makeup
No mirrors
No men

It's a great place. I love the people I work with and just learning about the muscles groups of the body and being able to tell people (women) where they can come to get an amazing workout in just 30 mins. It is pretty crazy how hard this place works you...every...single...time.
And even though it may be so much information at one time, i'm slowly learning ways to remember, and the thing about the job is that it is SO hands on. And that is how I learn the best. With the thing that i'm learning about right in front of me to touch, hear, and see.

So, every other week my shifts start at 5:20 in the morning! Crazy, i know. The first couple days were really hard. But, after that it was actually really nice to get up and see the sun come over the mountains. I swear I hadn't seen a sunrise in forever, if at all.

And this new job has shown me how amazing the human body is, it blows my mind away. This small muscles and how they can push and pull such high amounts of weight and be pushed through so much. When our heavenly father made us, dang he knew what he was doing. I marvel at the tiny details he added that make us individual. And the massive capacity we are able to retain in such a small organ, the brain. Parts of the brain aren't even understood by neurologists yet. Which is crazy, because most scientists seem to believe we have discovered everything there is to know about the body. Anyway, to make things short: Our body is a AMAZING!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Up to date thus far.

1.Let's see, my life.
My life. What an interesting sentence. And that is a sentence, i think. It has a subject. Doesn't that make it one ? And if it doesn't then it surely should be a sentence. Because that's a really strong sentence. Cause that's mine! My life. Not yours, not his, not hers, it's mine. The only thing that is truly and utterly mine, and that feels great.

2. I have heard this song played over and over again on different peoples computers and on webpages and i couldn't find the name of it and it was driving me crazy. People are calling it Bella's Lullaby, for twilight. I think this song is just too gorgeous to be apart of twilight. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy enough said.
Anyway, so this song is my new favorite song, and will probably be up there for quite some time.
It is called, "river flows in you" - yiruma. It's amazing and you should look it up!

3. Last night I went to a musical theater showcase for my cousin Shelby, and she did a solo at the end of the show and it was FANTASTIC!!! Holy crap i didn't know where that came from, i knew that this girl could sing but she was going all out. I was so stinking proud and just had my mouth down the whole time i couldn't believe it, she was unbelieveable! But so believeable.

Oh!! I was going through pictures the other day on facebook. And I came across a tagged photo of me from my sophomore year of high school and I wanted to show you what I used to look like and how I may have improved (even if its just doing my hair) since then :

In tenth grade ----------------------------------------

If you can't find me in the picture to the left, I am the one on the far left with the 90's bang that cover half my eyes. So I hope that I look even a tad bit different from that point. But do you know what sucks? Or is sad? I didn't get rid of those bangs until half way through my junior year of high school.....surprising?

Three things that have happened this week that I enjoy so far :
1. I started my new job, and I was done by 9:30 am!
2. I have a new infatuation with pretzels
3. I have clean clothes!

I am still getting used to the idea of being 20 , people ask me how old I am and the don't believe me, first off, that i am 20 so it has me thinking maybe i'm not 20 yet...but then i know i am. Why i bring this is up is because yesterday at my work there were a few women who came up to me and ask if i was old enough to even work out there....I think it is annoying looking like a 16 year old sometimes...i didn't think i look that young...but apparently i do. One of the women asked if I was 14 and if i could even workout here, I was like, "thanks, no actually i'm 20, i have graduated from high school, and i live in an apartment down in Provo", I guess that sentence could have been taken as rude but I knew she didn't believe me when I said i was 20. I think half the reason people don't think im 20 is because i'm short...and that is why i wear high heels.

And I seriously can't think of much else so write and am realizing how random this post was so sorry for the randomness, but I was bored and this is what comes of it!


Have a great "sun-filled" day, even if the sun decides not to show its face today!