Saturday, March 31, 2012

27 days..

Can you believe it? I can't.
This 5 months was supposed to be an eternity, in retrospective, it was.
Wow, I get married to Matt Call, the one I pined over in High School, the one I never thought would happen, the one that I pushed all possibilities with out of my mind, the one who surprised me after his mission, the one who loves me, for me. The one that makes me smile when I'm down, the one that loves me and tells me, the one that sends me text messages with the right words and so much encouragement just when I need it. That one.
He is mine, and I'm so lucky.
God listens to your heart, and listens to your prayers.
He wants you happy.
I am happy now but in 27 days and a few hours I will be over joyed.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My new philosophy

I have a philosophy....I'm going to let Kristen Chenoweth as Sally Brown sing first and then scroll down and hear my thoughts.

Much like Kristen Sally Brown Chenoweth, I too have a "new philosophy, it has been working really well for me the past couple weeks. It feels as though it's a slight reverse psychology I am using on myself. It has helped me be more productive and among others things, warm. Let me explain:

"There's no reason I should('nt) ..."

This has been my mantra, my philosophy, my defining factor in getting a lot things that I normally wouldn't get done, finished. I use it in interesting contexts such as:

"There's no reason I should walk out the door and be cold" (so I grab a coat)
"There is no reason I shouldn't do homework instead of facebook" (so I start that project that's due in a week)
"There is no reason that fiancee and I should be tempted" (so either he or I leaves)
"There is no reason why I should not go to the temple today, I have time" (I get dressed and go)
"There is no reason I shouldn't apply everywhere to job hunt" (I applied literally everywhere)
"There is no reason I should stay in a job I am no good at" (so I quit)
"There is no reason that I should feel down on myself" (so I look at the positive)
"There is no reason that I shouldn't workout or run that extra mile" (so I run it, or I go to workout)
"There is no reason to tell myself I can't, I won't, I shouldn't" (so I tell myself I can, I will and I should)

This little sayings has helped me accomplish SO much in the last couple weeks it has astounded me.
Do you have a little philosophy you live by?
Makes your days easier, and your nights full of sleep?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Planning

One thing I am learning with wedding planning is that there are priorities, the people you invite, the amount of people, the things you chose, the way you chose, when you chose , where you chose them, all have to be prioritized.

Last night I spent almost two hours with my soon-to-be mother in law, sweetest lady I know hacking away at the invite list to get it down from the original 440 to a comfortable number of 380. At first it was hard and then my fiancee came around and helped me "eliminate" some names by process of elimination and using some simple questions about the relationship with the said person:

Are they a relative?
If not, very good friend? Following questions pertain to friends:
Have you spoken to them in the last 6 months?
Do you spend time with them rarely, often, or occasionally?
Would you only send them an invitation because you feel obligated to?
....and that cut about 60 people.

If you think you deserve an invitation we probably have spoken in the last month or so. ya know, if not don't feel hurt if you don't receive a formal invite.
1. they are expensive
2. half of the people invited won't show up anyway, ya know?

And yeah....postage stamps, bane of my life.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things I would like to do ...

Some in the near future and some in the far future:

1. Cut my hair short, like Kayla Mann or Connie Ray (Wagner) did in High school. Where all the accessories you can use are headbands, bows, and cute pixie hair that shoots out the back of your head. But also on other days you have the opportunity to look super elegant like Audrey Hepburn. I would like to be her for a day.

2. Run a marathon, crazy I know. But I am participating in the half-marathon in June and once I get that I just NEED to finish a full one...mostly because of the pride factor to say "I did it" and because it keeps my body in shape and is a great way to ensure that I fit into my wedding dress in less than a month and a half!

3. Have 6-7 kids, now I know many of you who read this may call me crazy, insane, off her rocker, and all other else of words but I feel that will bring me and my husband amazing amounts of joy that could never be replaced by an occupation or even winning a large some of money. I want kids, I want the poop, I want the cryings, I want to be the one to hold them when they have nightmares, I want to the be one that tells them it's ok the boy doesn't like you back, I want to be the one that plays basketball with my boys, I want to be the one that helps and pushes, loves and disciplines, teaches and learns. I want to be a mom.

4. I want to have a puppy, particularly this little guy:

He is probably the cutest thing I have ever set my eyes on and I want one. Hopefully in a year or two, that's what Matt promised me so we will see if time and money will allot the bringing home of such a dear thing.

...and I can't think of anything quite else right now....because I got sidetracked on trying to figure out what type of dog this is...I need to know what type so I can get be continued, maybe.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Utah Valley Half Marathon

I signed up for it today.
My friend Lara Anderson and I are going to run this half marathon on June 9,2012.
I hate running, but I will do this.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I love spring

Just like the title says, I love spring. I love the beauty and the ability is has to make people in general much more happy.
I believe that the human population has a problem with a small thing called weather depression, I know I do.
When the sun is out people are just nicer, when the clouds shroud our much needed vitamin D every is a little on edge.
I love the ability to walk to my 7am math class with the sun rising over the mountains.
I love the opportunity I have to hear the birds chirping outside.
I love hearing the dove cooing on the lamp post outside my window.
I love bright spring colors: red, yellow, green, pink, blue (basically the colors of the rainbow)
I love the freshness, and crispness of the air.

and I love that I got a 99/100 on my health test. Go me :)

53...days and counting till I marry Matt Call, 5 years ago in high school I never thought that would even be possible, but it's happening and it's coming quickly.

Love :)