Monday, October 27, 2008

Color Me Mine

Sometime last week ( I believe it was either Wednesday or Thursday ) Myself and Jason went down to "Color Me Mine" in the riverwoods. It is a place where you pick out a piece of pottery and you paint it and then they fire and gloss it for you! Wha - LA! Amazing piece of art.!!!

First up is Jason's:

As you can see it actually matches what he is wearing I think it really shows how great of a sense of style he has!!!

Next up....


I love mine so much. As you can see though I messed up a bit in the middle and the picture really doesn't give the bowl that much justice. I think it is incredibly attractive in person!!!
So there you go, our little adventure into being an artist for an evening. Color Me Mine is so freaking awesome!!! Hecks yeah!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The death of the Katana....

So, my phone is dead....gone. In the sky of the phone heaven, with no back and a cracked screen. and though it will be missed greatly it has been replaced with with a newer, more awesome, and so freaking cool here is my new and improved, newer version of my old phone!!! THE KATANA LX!!! I love it!!!!

The picture doesn't give it much credit, but it is awesome!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Longest Day of my Life....almost

Well today is the day before fall break. I haven't had a day that has gone or felt like it was dragging on just a little too slowly. It is horrible. I was sitting in my 8 am class and looked at the clock at least every two minutes or so. It is driving me nuts. And then in math, even my doodling wasn't keeping my attention, i don't know if i can make it through choir, it is just too difficult!!!! why me? I may be acting like a bit of a drama queen, but seriously why couldn't they just give us the WHOLE weeek off, then the school board (or whoever is in charge of the break schedule) wouldnt be tormenting their "grown up" students with anticipation of the break which seems so far off they would rather not go to their remaining classes and just proceed to take their break a few "hours" early. But seeing as i only have enough gas to get to my house from the school, i don't think ti would be much of a success story to leave early...darn my conscience. Bleh!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween-Bread Houses

Me and Jason went over to his sister's house (Heather and Brooks) and we made some awesome Halloween-Bread houses ( like gingerbread houses....only not )

This is mine and Jason's, i like it very much with our little graveyard and spiders...and jellybean walk way. Heather thought it turned out looking like a church more than a haunted house. What do you think?

And this is Heather's and Brooks. By far cuter. But not quite as haunted...except for all the really cute ghosts everywhere!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A good way to spend a friday night

Over the weekend I accompained Jason to a missionary get together up in Salt Lake City, which turned out to be good. Jason seemed to be having a blast talking with old companions and others from his mission. I stole some of the ice cream and people asked us at least 5 times if we were engaged or married. That was...exciting.......:)

But after the get together we decided after that we wanted to walk around temple square. When we arrived there though the gates to the temple grounds were closed so we started walking back towards the car and saw how pretty the conference center was at night. So we ran and grabbed my camera and snapped these photos. I think they are quite cool. We were playing around with his little crazy grab onto anything tripod! Woot at 11 pm. So much fun!!!

After my battery died (resulting in us having to move somewhere) we decided to go and sit on the grass just in front of temple. It was really pretty. We were discussing things about the temple and stories of when it was built and such. I fell asleep for a little bit and then we decided to head home. It was a little bit after as you can tell we didn't get in till about 1:30 - 2 ish. I really need to work on my bed time...