Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh praise the heavens!

Do you ever sit in your room and just take a huge sigh of relief for no apparent reason. I just did that, so I thought I would write about 12:30 at night...hmmm. Maybe not a smart thing to do. But, no worries, I have NO SCHOOL tomorrow. Maybe that is what started the whole sigh of relief ploy?!? I like that.

So as you can see I finished my classes...fall classes are over and down. And now just the dreaded finals of the black heart and torturous time frames. I have three, count em' three finals. That I hope i will be more than ready for. We will see. I have the whole weekend to study, but the way that i am I will probably end up procrastinating like every other time.

The christmas holiday beings warmth and cheer except for when it is 20 degrees without snow, so there is NO reason that is should be that cold...I think Utah is cursed. It was thinking, "hey I wanna annoy Brianna so I am going to be super freakishly cold even when i have a blue and cloudless sky" oh well, i guess utah just doesn't like me, or i don't like it, i tend to forget which one it is.

So there is my randomness of half asleep joy and rapture, have a wonderful night!