Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thought for a moment: A Beautiful Heartbreak by Hilary Weeks

"Heartache is a gift God has given us to know that we need him by our side to enable us to feel incomprehensible joy"

If we all wrote our own signs, we would be more compassionate towards one another..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Dad

I just realized how much I love my father
He. Is. Amazing.
He has cared about me for my entire life and in more moments than one I have taken advantage of him, whether it was asking for money, or not saying thank you when he did something nice.
I love him dearly and I'm so glad that he is in my life even if we are a couple hundred miles apart.
I am glad that there is a way for me to talk with him each day and to be able to express our joys, our frustrations, and our irritants to each other without the feeling of judgment from the other person.
He is ...there isn't even a word to express how much I love and revere that man.
He is exceptional and has such a spirit, even though he isn't part of my faith you can tell that Heavenly Father is aware of him and loves him deeply.
He wants nothing more than to drop his work and go and serve people in the world.
My dad is a quality person.
I am grateful that he is my dad and I'm so happy and blessed to be his little girl.
I wish we were closer in housing but I never regret any of the conversations that we have had over the phone.
I love you dad, and I'll always be your little girl.
Thank you for who you are and the person you have helped me become and am continuing to become.
You are my hero in several different ways along with my mom and grandma Joy.
You are special, you important, and you are my father.
Of all the little kids on this earth I have you as a father and I couldn't be anymore blessed.
Thank you papa, daddio, dajo, pops, dads
I love you SO much

Your Daughter

Sunday, October 16, 2011

ASTAW: A Scripture Thought A Week

Today in church I had an epiphany of sorts, we were talking about how technology is an instrument and tool for spreading the gospel across the earth, or at least the world wide web. If the internet should be used for anything useful I concur with the speaker in its ability to forward the use of missionary work and bringing people to the truthfulness of the gospel. It can bring so much...JOY!

That's what my first ASTAW is going to be about: JOY

Have you ever thought about the difference between happiness and joy?
I believe that happiness is the little moments that brighten our day, like a text saying how much someone cares about you, or seeing someone do something nice for someone else, or any of the other hundreds that could fill in the blank.
While Joy is something much deeper, it is almost it's own planet, it's own emotion really.
Joy are those moments that leave an impression on our lives. Those moments where when we look back to them give us the hope that life really is worth fighting for and that the journey is always continuing.
No matter how badly we did on a test, or if our boyfriend dumps us, or if the sun hasn't shone it's beautiful face for a matter of weeks.
Joy is the sunshine in the hard moments of our lives.
Joy can come in multiple ways and I believe it is special and personal for everyone, the hard part sometimes is remembering those moments of pure joy.
When we stop and give thought to it, those moments of pure joy usually surround those times when we were surrounded by those who we love and cherish.
Don't let them go to waste.
Live for these people, give for these people.
Charity and Joy go hand in hand.
When we have Charity we have Joy and we spread it farther than we could ever comprehend, it's only a matter of taking one step out of comfort zone to "comfort" someone else.
Trust in it, Learn from it, Grow from it, and you can Live Joy.

"And for this cause ye shall have fullness of joy;
and ye shall sit down in the kingdom of my Father;
yea, your joy shall be full,
even as the Father hath given me fullness of joy;
and ye shall be even as I am,
and I am even as the Father;
and the Father and I are one;"
-3 Nephi 28:10

You can't be identified by the name inscribed on your underpants...

Today was a good day:

This day started out with driving down to Provo to have eggs and potatoes with my friend Blue while watching "Coraline" to kick off, in a sense, the Halloween season for me and her.
It was epic to say the least.

Once the movie was over I jumped into my car which is adorned with all sorts of trinkets and drove down to north Provo to pick up this little chick:
Erin: It was her birthday (happy birthday dear) and her shirt is amazing, plus the face adds to the fact that she was owning turning 23!
Liesl:she came along on our little hike up past vivian park regardless of her ever growing tummy pain, we (E + Me) were glad she was there.
The fall snow that was had little over a week ago didn't kill all the colors, which was a happiness I had to capture. Plus it's quite picturesque don't you think?

Once the hiking was done I went along with Matt to go buy some ammo from Gunnies and these horrific zombie targets. We then drove halfway across Utah to get to Saratoga Springs to shoot some .22 and .45 guns. Yes, I shoot guns and I like it :) I'm pretty good at it too.
Basic training for the Apocalypse, be ready, they will look like this..

He is handsome isn't he? (Man, I love him)
Plus the image above are where MY bullets entered with his little .22 pistol which I think i'm quite the shot with... you can state your own opinion...My grandma was a good shot and so am I, got lead in my veins I doI'd rather take picture of his amazing skill and as we were walking up to this space a man yelled from the window, "Being dressed like that you two look like Bonnie and Clyde"..haha.

After shooting we decided to get some food in Lehi and then drive back to Provo, it was a magnificent day with many people I love, yummy food, and hanging out.
It was a much needed day to just relax while engaging in fun.

I went to sleep last night
Woke up and made

Peaches and Cream:
5 spoonfuls of Vanilla Yogurt
I ripe peach cut up and thrown on top
A few drizzles of honey
1 handful of old fashioned oats

You know you wanna try this! I can't say how many times I had this while in Nauvoo, it takes me back to home like no other :)

Have a fantastic sabbath everyone, I know I will

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have a job interview on Tuesday!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life is good

Classes are great
I know my major
I have a love who is weird like me
I am in an awesome choir
My mom loves me
I have an awesome dad
I have wonderful friends
I know who I am
I know where I am going
Time is consistently moving at a rate I can deal with
The sun keeps shining
It warms up in the afternoon
Halloween starts holiday grandeur
I'm singing everyday
I have my scriptures
I've read 7 books in less than a month
My cat has let me snuggle with him for the past week
I have wonderful memories of Nauvoo
Did I say my friends are fantastic?
Love is great
I love seeing people get engaged and you can see they love each other (thank you facebook pics)
The leaves are still changing
I have a blanket at night
I'm caught up on all my homework
I may get above a 3.2 this semester which is awesome!
I'm going to be a teacher of little kids for my career, how cool is that?
I know what I want to do in my life!!
Money is an issue, but it has seemed to work out so far
The Lord hears my prayers
The gospel is true
life is wonderful
I'm going to be super optimistic about it,
I'm going to like it

Monday, October 10, 2011


Did I really do that?
Can I please go back?

I miss it so much :(

Dear...( )

I liked you better when you were overweight, you weren't lying to yourself then
I liked you better when you would tell me about your life and not leave me left out because you thought I was naive.
I liked you better when you had a testimony
I liked you better when we were friends and not just acquaintances
I liked you better when you cared about my life as much as I care about yours
I liked you better when we had things in common
I liked you better when you treated yourself with respect
I liked you better when you weren't lying to me point blank
I liked you better when we were friends
I liked you better when you were comfortable in your own skin and didn't have to be someone else
I liked you better I don't know who you are and it makes me sad that you may be one of the people that was only supposed to be in my life for a long period of time and then disappear.

I hope life works, I hope you are happy, I hope you are making the right decisions (even though I know you're not) I hope you live up to who you can be one day, you are amazing right now but I know there is more to you than you want to put energy into.

The easy way was never eternal happiness only temporal. I'll be here when you want to come back, like I always have been.