Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good things Tuesday

10 things I love:
(In no particular order)

1. Unexpected lunches out with a friend
2. Driving
3. The end of the semester
4. Caramel and Chocolate, not separate, but together acting as one
5. My own private dance floor in the confines of my bedroom
6. Glee music
7. Camera+Unsuspecting friends=Priceless pictures
8. Purposely texting horrible grammar...such as:
"Where you be?"
"Where you is?"
"How goes it wit you?"
"What time does that show start t'night?"
Etc. (You get the idea)
9. Electric blankets
10. Spring time weather/flip-flops/and Ice cream

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I gotta say...

...I love those days (days like these) that come once in a blue moon. (Or bright shining day)
Where the sun is shining, there isn't a cloud in the sky, the birds are singing, the mountains are glowing. The grass seems greener and feels softer than normal. Where there is time to see the simple things (even if preparing for finals is in the mix) and where life just feels like it is going right for a few moments. With nothing to worry about.
These are times where all you want to do is be grateful for the things you have, the people you have in your life, and where you life is headed in the most difficult, fun, and most growing years of one's life.
It's good to be alive :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Major decision (haha punny)

So I was looking through majors online, while not listening in my astronomy class today, and happened upon one that really stuck out to me.

First off, don't laugh.
(Second thing...why is it so funny?)


I think that I have chosen a major ( i'm talking to the head counselor or monday about the program and such, details)

Behavioral Science with an Emphasis in Family Studies

All the classes I would be taking are the ones that I love going to.
Human Behavior
Human Sexuality
Family Relations
Gender Roles
Child Psychology

So laugh all ya want...yes I know it's a family based major. I know that it seems to be the cliche' thing to major in (if you go to BYU, but guess what?!? I don't go there. So yeah, not sure what point I was trying to make) So I feel good about it and I love learning about the way people think, why they do things, and being able to apply it to the family that I hope to have someday (not in the near future, maybe in the next 5 or so) So yeah...that was my little announcement for the month of April :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How is it..

that there is not one, out of 78 majors, that will stick out and say "You should major in me".
For the past hour, I think, I have read through every...single...possible major and none of them remotely attract me. How is that? Maybe i'm not willing to try something, or something that I would like to try is too hard (or I screwed myself over the first year of college, therefore would not have a high enough GPA to apply for the program.)
Basically I feel trapped.
Trapped in this little world called UVU, and I can't break out of it. Or I feel that it's too late to break out of it. And the only place that I would like to go, I can't...because I can't get in.


That's all I have to say.

Last thing:
I wish I could go back to Sophomore year of high school and pick something and stick with it, take honors and college courses. And not be lame.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another year older...

hopefully another year wiser too. :)
It ain't even official till the clock strikes 10:22 pm!
But regardless,

Happy Birff-day to me :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reality Check

(If you're having a good day, don't read this: i'm just whining about things and would not want to bring you down in anyway)

Just as the title says I have had a few reality checks in the past few days. Plus tomorrow is my 21st birthday. The birthday "of all birthdays", besides 50 and 100. So it's kinda a momentous occasion.
I still feel little, yet my age says otherwise.
I have made one large decision (In my mind) for myself.
I am moving to Colorado, for the summer, to work and live with my dad.
I've always avoided going for my mother's sake and mine and my friends. And as i'm typing this I tend to be a little dramatic and start thinking how long summer actually is when you are away from people. And I realize how much certain people really mean to me, and how much friends and family members mean to me.
4 months, at most, 102 days.

It seems like a short amount of time until you put it into perspective around other things that happened 102 days ago. That is ages ago.
During those 4 months I can't call or text to say "let's do something" ...cause i'm 400 miles away.
So really this whole blog is about my whining about the decision I made, which I know isn't a bad one and will probably be good for me. There are things I want to write out and whine about...but I don't feel it appropriate or even necessary. People don't want to hear those things anyway.
Plus - it's just me being pitiful.

( there is a reason it's so small...and if you can read it congratulations you get to hear me whine more) I guess also somethings have been said by some people that have turned my whole world upside down and i'm trying to wrap the thought around my head...and it's taking awhile. Something that I thought or was brainwashed to think (it sounds like) is completely different now and i'm just trying to deal and whine along the way. Is it stupid or girlish or anything like that to say i'll miss someone more than I thought I ever would....(I should delete that...) Or be a little jealous with dates that will take place while i'm gone. But prophets have told us it right to date multiple people. ba ba ba. Meh. I'm being a selfish little girl. And details are unnecessary ...sometimes I just hope that things workout as you would hope, and sometimes those moments are worth waiting for but what if it never comes to be? You give your heart away, get attached and it either is given back or crushed to the ground. Left there for a lovely job of picking up the pieces and trying to stick them back together and then try again.
And sometimes I feel as if I say the stupidest things and then I regret saying them, because I get the feeling that I should have already known that. Like it was known knowledge to everyone BUT me. Sometimes I feel like my ACT score really shines out what my mentality is. Crappy. Not very bright. Horrible test taker. Introverted. Not hard working. Won't amount to much. Etc.
Is there a reset button on emotions and stupidity?
If so, where to press...and is there side effects?
I think that the "world" (orem/provo) is a dating mosh pit of doom. Why does life have to be such a waiting game in every aspect?

I'm not sure I'm terribly excited to turn a year older, this year.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I went to..

my first real rock concert last night!
My top 8 (plus a few) from the concert

1. The bar at the front of the stage is the place to be.
1a. No jacket required, it gets dang hot in the swarm.
2. Earplugs are not worth it
2a. Getting there two and a half hours before the door opened was worth it.
2b. Ray the bodyguard was awesome.
3. Body surfing gets you escorted out (I watched)
3a. I have been converted to only floor seats
4. Muse does not talk to the audience, they just jam
5. Going with no expectations, is the only way TO go.
(Your expectations are blown out of the water)
5a. They played all my favorites especially "Starlight" and "Supermassive Blackhole"
5b. The bassist is amazing!
6. If you need to hit the bathroom, do it BEFORE you have to run to the front of the stage.
7. Referring to #6, if needed, have someone with you to save your place.
7a. This guy I was with and I got the setlist :)
8. Jumping up and Screaming with 10,000 people, hanging with a cute guy, front row seats/floor, loud music, talented performers, and a birthday in two days.
So very priceless and so very fun.

Let's do it again!