Monday, August 11, 2008

First post on this new Blog!

Ok, so here we go again. I'm hopefully going to stay more dedicated to writing on here, so that you can follow my life...that is if you want to. Which i hope you do. Because i'm not that boring anyway. Haha. So this is the first entry in this new world of blog. Yay! Be happy for me. Or not. That's ok too. So basically let me bring you up to date with somethings that are going on in my life.

First off, I moved into my new apartment just a few short week or weeks ago. It is 2 levels down from where i previously lived. So far my new roommates are fantastic. One of which is Laurie Hite. Basically my life long friend. 15 years this last July. Crazy huh. And then a girl from Virgina named Katie. Who fits right in with our personalities. So it's pretty fun. Except for the 330 dollar a month rent. But i'm not complaining when i get my own room and sink! Booya!

Second, I started my sophomore in college at UVU in Orem, UT. I don't know what i am studying so I am basically working on generals right now. My schedule basically looks like this:

Monday,Wednesday, Friday
- Humanities 8
- Math 1000 9
- BREAK 10
- Choir 11
- Biology 12

Tuesday, Thursday
- Math 1000 9
- Institute 10
- Choir 11
- BREAK 12
- History 1

So that is my schedule and i'm enjoying it alot so far. I am surprised at how much i am enjoying humanities. Anywho.

Right now i don't have a job, but i'm actually going to start working for my dad, helping sell antiques on line for his buisness. so that should be fun.