Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Saturday afternoon

Someday's you plan to get enormous amounts of homework done to the background noise of Tangled.
Then suddenly you look to your right and see the snow softly cascading down around outside.
Time just stops, ears are focused on the sounds of tapping moisture hitting the vent and windows.
As the snow falls, baby boy wakes up, taking in his own surroundings within the body of mom.
She stops and thinks about how miraculous it is to have someone growing inside her.
This someone has never made an appearance into the world, never has his eyes seen the beauty of falling snow. Never has ears been able to hear the tapping of the seasons, whispering their changing days. Never has he been held in his moms arms.
A few months to go and he'll be here.
He's growing, he's moving, he's getting stronger and stronger as the days go by.
It's miraculous what thoughts can emerge when one leaves all plans to pause and just take in the quiet still of A Saturday afternoon.