Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a little Catch-Up

Well it has been quite awhile since i last wrote anything on here, and seeing as I have 30 minutes before my next class i decided to catch up you people up on my life.
Last week I started my second semester of my sophomore year of college and it is going to be quite the semester. I don't have many classes right after another (which gives me time to "study" in between classes, which i should do more of)...I am taking chemisty, ethics and values, biology, choir, and yoga! (Biology and Yoga are on saturday at 8 till 12) Anyway, i have yet to find a job but am possibly going to look around today, keep your fingers crossed about me finding one that will let me have an afternoon/evening schedule!

James came down for the christmas break which was very fun, i recieved a crock pot from "old saint nick" and some yummy chocolate and candy treats. It was nice to actually have a white christmas, but probably a little more than everyone was expecting. Still, it was delightful and posed for many wondeful candid shots.

I moved into a new apartment down near BYU campus. Raintree Apartments. I live with my cousin Ashleigh and we are having a blast there. We share a room and made our beds into bunks beds. So it is quite the adventure for me, who has the top bunk, to get down in the morning without waking Ashleigh up. Seeing as her classes start AT LEAST and hour to two hours after mine start. (ugh, why did i choose early classes) The other four girls in the apartment are quite enjoyable. Jamie, a friend from elementary school moved into the room that Ashleigh's other cousin used to live in. Michelle and Kelsey were roommates in the dorms at BYU and are very nice but stay up quite late sometimes. Which is ok cause i'm usually quite tired and fall right asleep.

Oh and the best news yet! American Idol started up again last night! If you didn't see it, you should have, you slackers! It was a very good start to the season, with a many awkward and sad auditions to ones where you couldn't believe that voice was coming out of their body. And then there was the one girl who walzted in with a bikini and high heels on and blew away the judges...well Simon and Randy. Paula and the new judge (who I don't like at the moment) Kara, thought otherwise about the girls performance. But as all reality shows need a diva and a reason to have controversy the "guys" let her through and went straight for poor Ryan Seacrest standing by the pool ( i was wishing the whole time that he would push her in...) Now THAT would be reality TV!