Monday, November 17, 2008


On monday was my sweet mother's 50th birthday. And seriously she doesn't look a day over 30!
Seeing as this was the big 5-0 i decided to try and take her some place unusual or different. So me being a bit of a fondue fanatic took her to THE MELTING POT! It is up in Salt Lake City.

At the beginning of the evening my mom had no idea where we were going, so that was way fun. Her being in complete guess mode!! HA! And she had no idea. During the night we had 3 courses of fantastic food.
Our first course of fondue was a chesse (spicy!)
Second was a yummy salad, which my mom ended up sending back because her dressing had wine in it.
Third was the meat, and the first time my mom had ever tried lobster! And she liked it (thank goodness)
And fourth was the Dessert...mmm. chocolate fondue, more than you could possibly fit into your mouth it was fantastic.

So, seeing as my mom is 50 I wanted to tell you 50 things I love about her!!(because there are many more than just 5o...she is an incredible woman to say the least!!!)


What I love about my Mother is:

1. Her Smile
2. Her Laugh
3. Her Hugs
4. Her kisses
5. I love that her taste in music is basically the same as mine
6. How she loves life
7. How much she loves the savior
8. How strong she is
9. How much love she has in her
10. How she keeps going on in life no matter the trial that is set in front of her
11. The example she is to me
12. Her food
13. Her willingness to help in anyway she can
14. Her eagerness to learn in any new enviornment
15. How much she likes music
16. How much she enjoys going to church
17. How much she had turned to be like her mom
18. How she is willing to let me borrow that extra 5 dollars....every so often
19. How she always says "remember who you are"
20. How cute she is
21. How there is no one on the planet just like her.
22. How she loves movies
23. Loves walking outside.
24. is ALWAYS smiling (even if she is having a bad day)
25. How she can always make a horrible situation into something enjoyable
26. How she invites me to every party or get together
27. How everyday she sends me at least one or two texts asking me how i am
28. How funny she is when she is scared and running away from the smallest bug :)
29. How she encourages me to do better
30. Makes sure i am ok
31. Always tells me she loves me no matter the mistakes i make
32. Always is there to talk
33. Misses me when i am away
34. I such a strong person emotionally
35. How spiritual she is
36. How much she loves her brothers
37. How much she loves her sisters
38 How she can have a random conversation with a random stranger while in a line at the grocery store and by the end of it being friends with person.
39. How I have never heard a single person speak ill of her
40. How she has never spoken ill of anyone
41. How snuggly she is
42. How outspoken and no longer shy she is
43. How each day she wants to do more
44. How she looks far into the future to get prepared for what's to come
45. How she always has a cute idea for anything
46. How she can starting crying from laughing so hard.
47. How she will cry with me, because she feels what I am going through
48. How in tune with the spirit she is
49. How many times she says I love you in a day
50. For being the best mom for me, everyday of my life, she has showed me that even though tribulations come into your life, you can get through them. Move on. and become a better person, if you just trust in the Lord with all your heart. And that not everything is in your control and sometimes you just have to let go and let the Lord take the reigns and put your whole faith in him!
Thank Mom!! You're amazing!

I Love you SOOO MUCH!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Night

Hal·low·een ---hal-uh-ween, -oh-een:
Noun... "the evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints' Day; Allhallows Eve: observed esp. by children in costumes who solicit treats, often by threatening minor pranks. "

This years Halloween was a blast to say the least. For instance, the first half of the day i was so set on being a sheet ghost. But most of friends didn't like the idea. So for the remainder of the day i was contemplating on what to be. The night before Jason's sister Heather had let me borrow a few various things that could be easily turned into a few costumes. But, it was literally 20 minutes before i was supposed to be at Blue's halloween party that i decided to be a doll.

Blue's Halloween bash/party, was a blast...even though the majority..well more than a fair amount of the majority were under the age of 16 (hahah) but i had fun and Jason (Chuck Norris) seemed to be having fun as well. As you can see Blue was Minnie Mouse or Ms. Mouse. Cody was a Knight...or prince charming...i'm not sure. And David (Blue's dad) was John McCain! Ha ha.

Throughout the night i realized that i really didn't look like a doll i decided to change my costume to a desperate housewife. It fits!!! Doesn't it? Anywho, by the end of Blue's halloween party..and seeing as the majority of people that were there had curfews (HA!) the party ended just shy of 10:30. So me and Jason jumped into his car and headed back to Crestwood. (Some people in our ward were throwing a party) wasn't the best in the world. We must have missed the festives or something, because nothing was really happening when we got there so we left.

And thus ends another frightful Halloween's night. Full of fun, underage kids, and a Chuck Norris no one will ever forget.... hmmm.