Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just like the title says I'm writing about blessings, the kind you receive from a bishop, home teacher, father, or in my case Uncle.

Last night I wasn't feeling very well just about life in general and needed some insight from the Lord. And i'm working on making my prayers more meaningful and worth while but I needed something more substantial and concrete. So I asked my Uncle Eddie if he would be willing to give me a blessing.
First off, I have always loved blessings.
I just have never always been sure about them...

A reason why I do like them so much is when I was younger and would receive them, I would be extremely skeptical and would always be like, "well that's just my uncle saying blah blah do do ." you know? So one day I was having a very hard day in which I hadn't told anyone about. That evening I asked for a blessing from my Uncle and he didn't know specifics, but he knew that I was heartsick and having thoughts and questions that needed answered. It blew my mind away and from that moment on I gave a little more credit and faith in blessings.

Back to last night,
He gave me a blessing. I had told him that I wanted one for doing well in school and just life in general. I could not have asked for more in a blessing. And things that were said in the blessing I needed to hear and it just gave me that little boost that i have needed for awhile. One point in the blessing was that I needed to listen closely for answers to my prayers, that it wouldn't come in a hum drum/ singing choirs of angels way. I needed to have it quiet and listen intently....I know...but it gives me more reassurance that he knows im praying for answers, I just need to take time and listen for those answers.

I'm pretty positive that there is a heavenly father, who really listens when think we don't need him and when we do.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie and Julia

This afternoon I went to the movie Julie and Julia with my mom. It is two true stories put into one adorable movie full of laughter, heartache and lots of food! I had no expectations when going into the movie and because of that was greeted by one of the cutest movies I have seen in a long time.

One story was ms. Julia Child. ---yes, the chef from so many years ago and the story behind her love of food and how she became a chef.

Second story was about a ms. Julie Philips. Who decided one day to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook in 365 days and write a blog about her adventures during this adventure of hers.

Throughout the movie the scenes would jump back and forth between the two women and and how food was changing their lives one day at a time. And by the end of the movie my mouth was watering immensely. So i decided that I wanted to make some beef stew with my mother afterwards and a few hours late (2 to be precise) we had concocted an amazing stew sensation that I could stop eating. Now that my stomach is full I can go on with life and wish to some day own Julia Child's french cooking cookbook and make all those amazing food items that Julie Philip did. I think that would be quite an adventure.

So another thing after I was done with the movie I realized how much i love food. Especially when i try making something outside of the recipe and it actually turns out to be pretty darn good! And then i'm happy with myself but after that point I really can never make it again.. (just like the spagetti sauce Logan....) I'm no Julia Child, but hey I love food, I love butter, and I love the savory tasteful dishes that have been thought of by amazing chefs who love food!


Oh, right!
My brother was visiting for the last week or so and we had a blast! We went to the aquarium up in Sandy like the post below this one, showing pictures. And I touched the sting ray again and didn't quite freak out as much as the previous time. I was pretty proud of myself. And I even touched some other weird things...somethings I didn't even know what they were. We always went to Seven peaks in which my brother got fried! And I did not, because I know how to use sunscreen and he thinks he is too tough for that and the sun wouldn't burn him...well as we can see it happened ( well you can't really see cause i sadly did get a picture, but i'm sure you can imagine...) Imagine a overcooked piece of bacon ...that was the condition of my brothers skin after the day was over...i couldn't help myself from laughing sadly. Poor guy.. *chuckle...snicker*


Over the next few weeks I am opening at Curves everyday all by myself. ... It is a bit stressful but I got it under control. I was late yesterday - monday morning - and felt really bad about it. So its not going to happen again, but the extra money that I'm going to get from the extra hours will be oober helpful when the first and lasts month rent is due for the new year. So it will be a nice little boost! yay