Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good things should be Shared...An Announcement

It's amazing how long you can keep a secret before all it wants to do it burst out from your closed skin and scream itself to the world.
Sometimes you can continue to hold it, but then you don't want to, because it's that good.

Good things shouldn't be held in for long, they should be celebrated, shared, and enjoyed.
All I want to talk about is this wonderful thing that is happening in our lives but haven't found the right time to say it. 
I was getting bogged down with "you need to do it this way" or the "this is the cutest most wonderful awesome way to do it" on pinterest. 
But you know, it's our news, our happiness,
I am a simple person and announcements from me are simple things. 

So....... to Our Friends and Family...
Drum roll via

We couldn't keep it in any longer! 
I am officially 15 weeks along and I have been fortunate in the "morning sickness" department.
Not a single peep out of that nastiness. 
The only time, as in once, did I throw up, was when I was taking my prenatal vitamins in the morning at breakfast, bad idea but otherwise I have felt fantastic, besides the occasional lethargic day.
Another amazing thing, we have already heard this little nuggets heartbeat TWICE!
The first time, it took a rough 30 seconds to find herm's ( him/her) heartbeat and it almost gave us a heart attack because it wasn't being picked up by the stethoscope. When it was found it was a faint, but distinguishable pumping, but faded away into my abdomen moments later.
Yesterday, during the Utah bi-polar weather day we heard it again, but loud and clear. 
This kid has got a heartbeat of an ox already and it isn't even 4 months old! 

So, be prepared for baby updates from here on on out, we definitely promise to throw in marriage lovlies, happy posts, and foodie blogging, but I'll be honest when I say, this baby is all we think, talk, and read about these days. Haha.