Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Working Hard, Pushing Farther

I've had a realization recently that for some reason came to me as a surprise.
Working Hard, Trying More, and Pushing Yourself ...really brings happiness.
I believe that God never intended for us to be stagnant, to only laze around the house and surf the internet for hours, looking at stuff that costs plenty of money, and living vicariously through the status updates and the lives of the the people around us. 
I believe that God intended for us to be hard working, friendship making, and spiritual giants. 

I have for the past few days gotten up when my alarm goes off:
Workout for at least 20 minutes
Wash my body off so that it smells fresh
Eat breakfast with no music playing, only the noises of the day accompanying the dim kitchen room
Wash my face and then proceed to "dress up" for the day

I recently read a blog that recommended over dressing for every occasion, to feel pretty whenever you go out. 
It really is amazing what good, simple makeup or your favorite shirt and great fitting pants can do for the human psyche. 

So I am trying to be a more hard working, spiritually learning, and living in the moment type of girl. 
So far it's given me a huge boost of positive energy and I've realized the moments where I choose to be irritated, or sad, or completely stupid....are a choice. 
No one can make you feel any of those things, just like happiness is a choice along with everything other emotion, so is being not happy. 
We choose what we feel, we choose how experiences impact us and we choose where we want to be and how much we are going to learn in each day that we are given on this earth. 

I need to remember the past, look for forward to the future, but live in the present.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012


So I signed up for the Utah Valley Half-Marathon back in March and was pretty dedicated about training for it and then I had to get ready for marriage so working out fell off the map.
Here it is two weeks out and our friends are getting married on that day, I haven't put my running shoes on for at least 2 months and I feel down...I could have ran a half-marathon, I know my body can do it... I have the motivation, but I haven't trained...it stinks.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Well I'm lazy...

Not really, I'm just married now so for a portion of my life in this new environment I have the right to literally fall of the edge of the earth for a few weeks/months and spend a whole lota time with my husband who I love so stinking much!!!
I can't believe:
     1. How much I love being married
     2. That I am in fact married to Matt Call
     3. That the love I have for him grows everyday, I love him more than I ever did before we got married.
     4. I love not having to saying goodbye, and I love having the ability to say good morning.
     5. I love having our space to do what we will with it. I love having my own kitchen, my own living room, a WO-man den (game room/reading nook), and I him. I love him so much.

So just that little update. Now back to married life. Hopefully talk here soon again.