Monday, April 29, 2013

One eternity to be together :)

We celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday!
365 days of being married to the best man I could ever be married to.
We have been through many great things and some harder things.
We have learned incredibly things together and are both excited for the future.
We have both loved each other's company everyday!

We had a simple, stay at home celebration with dinner, dancing (in the living room) and the watching of our wedding video. It brought back immense emotionally happiness and we just basked. We even partook of our year old cake top. Not bad after a year of being frozen.
Candlelit dinner with Martinelli's
Different angle

Sorry for the horrible quality, I haven't been able to find my camera charger, so the phone had to do.
Love him SO much!
I'm so grateful we got a wedding video, worth every penny!

Then we defrosted our cake
There it is!
You can still see where we cut our cake 1(one) year ago!

Looks good, Red Velvet. mmmm.

Here is to another year of happiness, love, growth, and living with the one person on this earth that makes us both so much better than before.

A year ago today...

Matthew Call and I knelt over an alter in the house of God and under beautiful covenants were made man and wife.
A year ago I did not write a blog post about that joyous and unforgettable day. So, to remember that day once more and to share it with those we love I write this now with plenty of pictures to see and partake of.

Today is the one year Anniversary of Matt and I's wedding.
It was a beautiful day, full of family, friends and many happy tears.

7:30am: Both Matt and I had woken up in our separate houses. Matt had set multiple alarms so as not to miss this very important day. I had the wonderful experience of waking up an hour early and getting pampered (hair, nails, and makeup) done  by my sweet cousin Shelby. (Forgive me in advance for not having picture of Matt before the temple.)
Getting done up
This is the beauty that made me a beauty for my special day
After a little "Single Ladies" dancing with my brother in the bathroom, I put on my church clothes and loaded up in the car with my mom and my brother James. 
As we drove down to the temple I couldn't believe that  today was the day! The day that Matt and I would become husband and wife, after all that we had been through. The years of friendship, heartaches, change of hearts, breaking ups, and rekindling of our fire. We had made it to the temple, together, hand-in-hand. I couldn't contain my excitement. 

As we pulled into the temple grounds, I couldn't believe what a beautiful day had presented itself. The sun was shining bright, the trees were in bloom and I could see my mother and father-in-law in the waiting area as you walk into the temple. Matt made it to the temple only minutes after we arrived. 
That's when the smiling started, which didn't stop until 9:30pm that night, even then I only stopped smiling because my cheeks hurt so much. 

The next two hours were spent in the temple, amongst families and friends. The ceremony that took place was one of the most sacred and special times in my life. As I knelt over the altar of the temple, I looked into Matthew's eyes and I saw my whole life flash before me. I saw my children, I saw our family, I saw our dating experiences, and I saw this moment. I was so overwhelmed by the joy that I felt in that moment, that I started to cry and I cried through the whole ceremony. Not out of sadness, but out of complete and utter joy. 
Joy like none I have ever felt before. 

After the congratulatory hugs and sharing of tears, our family exited the temple and we changed into our wedding attire to exit the temple as man and wife. I remember standing in the bridal room with my mom and still couldn't believe I was married, and to Matthew Call. I was in pure bliss and couldn't wait to see him again. 
Only minutes later, and waiting for a few bride ahead of me, I was able to head out of the bridal dressing room and out to my handsome husband! 
He was standing there is a wonderful suit, that look more dashing that Mrs. Dash's spices. 
We took each other hand in hand and started down the stairs to meet our families outside of the temple. 

(Many pictures alert)
So Excited walking out of the temple!

Almost there!

"We're Married!"

Hugging my wonderful brother

Love my Daddy

The ecstatic groom!

Right where we need to be, together.

Brianna's family.

I adore this picture so much

The Call clan and the best family I could have married into.

The sweetest people you will ever meet in your life.

I have sisters!!

The best extended family anyone could ask for.

My lovely bridesmaids: Blue, Sarah, Veraunica, Ashleigh, Keisha, Shelby

Groomsmen/friends: Cameron, Russell, Brady

Walking around together.

Love my shoes, red, on fire like my love for Matt. 

For the next 30-40 minutes we got to kiss, hug, and look dashing in front of our photographer. 
These are some of our favorites:

My husband everybody!
He has always had my heart and can always make me laugh.

A gentlemen through and through

I always smile when I'm around him.

The rest of the day was pure bliss. We had a lunch-in with our friends and family at the Alpine Art Center. The food was fantastic, as was the music and people there. 
Later that night we had a fantastic reception with live band led by Matt's father. 
I continued to cry happy tears throughout the day. 

The day that I thought would never happen. 
The day I married Matthew Call.

A year later, I am still head-over-heels in love with this man. 
I love him so much.