Monday, August 2, 2010


(Not the sunset I saw)

For the past little while I have made an effort to get my butt down to the provo temple on sundays to read. I grab my blanket, ensign, scriptures, writing utensils, and find a spot of ground right within the temple grounds. I sometimes sit right in front of the temple on the grass but last night I ended up without a blanket and on a bench. I was reading the ensign and had a visitor, a certain boy, come and enjoy the sights with me.

We were talking mostly about his mission and such when I looked up towards the temple and saw this amazing display of the deepest, darkest blue I ever seen. I suddenly realized that the sunset had started and as I glanced to my left I see a flooding of gorgeous pinks and oranges in the sky. All intertwining within the delicately placed clouds, which resembled newly whipped meringue for lemon pie. I directed my eye farther across the sky to the northwest and saw a layered canopy of color. Starting with a luscious golden yellow down to the lightest blue, almost resembling the color of the blue sugar coated peeps you get at easter time. More towards the west was the dark, dark purple, almost black, circling about teasing its audience with a threatening thunder every now and then. And circling back around again to the deep blue that almost looked cartoonish. The colors that filled the sky last night, I have NEVER seen in a sunset, at least all at the same time.

I'm starting to think that was one of God's little tender mercies to help us, or namely me, remember that there is beauty all around. We just need to notice it more often, instead of taking so much of it for granted.