Sunday, June 7, 2009

Check One..

I have this list: A list of things I want to do/see in my lifetime. And many
things I haven't even been able to fathom about attempting. But one such thing i was able to do yesterday. Hike Mt. Timp (well, at least to the caves)
A little preface: if you don't know who this guy in the photo is with me, it is Logan.
----Continuing. We bought our tickets for the tour of the caves which were at the top of a 1.5 mile trail which, according to the many signs within the first 1/8 of mile stated that it was a very strenuous hike. The signs also said if you had any heart problems or breathing problems STOP NOW!! Well actually it was just making sure you didn't have any horrible health problems...after those signs though i basically stopped and thought about whether I actually had any health problems that i wasn't aware of and then for the first little bit I was actually a little paranoid about the air getting thinner, having my heart stop, and falling off one of the many ledges thatran along side me. (But happily, i made it to the top alive, seeing as I am writing this write now is more than enough proof )

As we were making our way there were little signs every 1/4 of a mile and so we took them on the way up.. (Take notice of how our demeanor in the pictures change as they proceed.)

1/4 of the way up!!!

1/2 way there!

3/4 mile...last leg of the hike.

Inside the what does that mean?
We totally hiked timp and I can cross it off my list! How cool is that?

Inside the cave I was blow away by how much damage we as people have had, just the oils on our skin start to deteriate the beautiful rock sculptures. The Stalagmites and stalagtites were fanatastic. They had lights set up through the caves so that you could see the various formations of rock. It was pretty spectacular. One piece of rock was called the heart of timpanogos cave...and as you can see from the picture 1. it looks like a heart 2. they think it weighs about 2tons --or 4000 pounds, crazy huh!?
So in the end this was a really fun hike and my thighs and calves can feel it with every inch that i take a step, but the real question is: Was it worth it?

Heck yes it was!!!!