Thursday, May 30, 2013

Recent Happiness....

...Frozen Yogurt with Sarah and the Bellamy's
...Memorial Day BBQ, the burgers were the juiciest!
...Pioneer Park; stilts, bear racing, and rope throwing
...Seeing Sis. Carroll at Zumba
...Girls night with 30 minute long spurts of laughter
...Work = Tips
... Finally making a perpetual birthday calendar
...My husband will always make this list
...My little growing garden
...Yellow happiness for $5
...Re-watching "The Office"
...Continuing to train for a half-marathon
...Running with Erin and working our Abs
...Finished, "The five people you meet in Heaven"
...Talked with my dad
...Talked with my mom
...Dinner with Mom and Dad Call
...Invited to sing in the choir which will perform at the Worldwide Leadership Conference
...Love life

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Friends till the end.

Everyone has them. 
That group of friends who has been with you from the 90's leopard print high shorts, through the 4th grade pinning of boys kissing, to bodies changing, and braces moving teeth.
My friends and I have changed individually, had multiple other friends, but have always found a way back to each other and the time makes no difference; we always start right up where we left off. Just a little bit older.
We have had many sleep-overs, countless in car talks, and laughing sessions that go on for hours and abs of burning.
I love these ladies like no one could fully comprehend. 
These are my friends. Who I will love to the end.
 We figured if we put the camera on the fan, it would fit all of us.
 Flying Aces!
Secretly Superhero's.
Ashleigh S., Shelby S., Veraunica S., Blue W., Me, Jamie K. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Brick Oven worker, just call me an Expo.

I have been loving my new job at Brick Oven.
I am what is called an Expo.
We have a special sampler which is unlimited salad bar, soup bar, and unlimited brick oven specialty pizzas with dessert pizzas to come after all is said and done, which I take around on trays to all those who ordered in the restaurant until they are done eating.
It is SO fun!
We have so many different kinds of pizza, I had no idea all of them existed.
Some of my favorites, since starting to work there:
1. Garlic Chicken (will always be number 1)
2. Chicken Alfredo
3. Lemon Chicken
4. Buffalo Chicken
5. All Meat 
6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza (Ah-freakin'-mazing) 
I love having a tray propped up on my shoulder and me asking what pizza people want. I love being able to be a bright spot in their day and it's always a treat when someone smiles or laughs at something silly I said. 
It really is remarkable how many people there are in the world. 
Working at a restaurant I see that is the case more and more each day. 

Some other things I love about working there.
My co-workers. 
They are so friendly and everyone wasn't hesitant about finding your name and making sure that you knew there's. 
It also helps that my friend Leah works there. Seriously. So much fun seeing every now and then when we are working on our shifts. 

I feel that I am killing it, in a good way. I think I am really quite good at what I am doing right now. 
I love that I am constantly moving. The time goes by fast and I feel productive the whole time I am at work, because I am. 
I have gotten quite a few compliments on how hard of a worker I am and even today I got was is called a "Hustle Buck" that is a redeemable dollar towards anything in the restaurant. I received it for being super on top of things and "hustling" around the restaurant. So if I get one more I could get a free trip to the salad bar, free lunch, yum! 

Update on Matt:
He is working at Vivint. A security system company which is devoted to their customers and their safety. He is loving every second that he is there, especially seeing as he helps people understand the importance of having that system and keeping them safe. 
I am so happy that he is happy.
I think it is good for both of to have great jobs, that we love, that also brings in a relatively good amount of money. 

I am going to run a half-marathon in September. I even bought 85 dollars shoes to make it a official. It turns out that I over pronate which means that there is too much pressure being put onto one side of my foot which can lead to a lot of discomfort over a long period of time. 
I went running with these new shoes the other day (two days in a row!) and I could feel a slight difference. 
Plus I was taught that 180 beats per minute is the sweet zone that can me keep my stamina and endurance and stride more even and longer standing. 

Also I'm reading this little book for a book club with some ladies from my ELED Cohort. We are going to be discussing this next Friday and I am stoked to be finally doing this! 

So, that is an update, yep. 
Photos to come. 
ya know, when I think about taking some.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day Two: Snippets

I ran 2 miles consistently at 180 bpm.
My new shoes are the bomb.
My mom rode my bike along side and it is a beautiful day.
I watched a 22:00 documentary of a brave young man facing cancer, he died three days ago.
I cried in Star Trek: Into Darkness
My hair has so much grease in it that it would stand up straight like pippy-long stocking, without wire.
Book clubs are the best invention since Macaroni and Cheese.
Days off, enough said.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day One: Snippets

Running was hard.
First chapter was great.
Music still addicting.
Body feels great.
Friend is fantastic.
Planning is fun.
Day one, so far so good.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I would love to do this in the middle of SLC city. 
This song is fantastic. 

I think at times we stress too much about what others think of us. 
I find that I have more joy when I forget about others opinions and do what makes me happy.
I find the good in the small and simple things.
I see the small flowers, clouds, and I find joy in drawing with chalk on the sidewalk.
I love listening to music and thinking up music videos.
I enjoy feeling the sun ride upon my face.
I love talking in the dark.
I enjoy being myself:
To be brave it to be true to who you are!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Things to be thankful for...

...Matt's new job, which he loves at Vivint
...My new job at Brick Oven, which I adore
...Having a body that works and does everything imaginable with ease
...Having a healthy body
...Having family who supports us when we need help
...Facebook, for keeping us connected with those we otherwise wouldn't be with
...My mom, fitting for Mother's Day tomorrow, don't ya think?
...Summer vacation
...Bike rides with Leah

 ...Majestic sunsets
...Aching feet from a job well done
...My hair growing out to the point of being braided
...Friends feeling comfortable enough to confide in me
...My spiritual gift of being able to listen
...Photo-booth nonsense with Sarah 

...Walking to work
...My husband, who makes me smile on a daily basis
...My first ever tips!
...Ashleigh and her thoughts
...Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies
...That one chirping cricket outside our window

Thursday, May 9, 2013

On a happier note.

Last I posted I was feeling a little bit down about the whole world issues thing.
I realized through taking with others and my own thoughts that I can only do as much as I am able.
I can make a difference in the lives of those that I come in contact with.
I can make a person smile while riding my bike or walking down the street.
I can bring the spirit to our home which invites others to come.

I can do the best I can which on a small scale can change the world.

On another note, are you seeing the transformation our blog is beginning to take on?
I'm quite excited for it, although it may be a constant work in process because I found I can't sit in one place for too long. It just doesn't make sense.

From now on you will be seeing more pictures on this blog. I think people like pictures, as do I.
If I don't start documenting these events in my life, whether large or small. I won't have the opportunity to remember as much detail as I would otherwise want to.

So. There you go.
Sun is shining, I'm going to do something new today.
  Look at this fantastic sunset!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When you see the world, do you wish you could change it?

You know...sometimes I wish I could legitimately express myself in song
or in writing
or in conversations I have with others.
I have a hard time telling myself that what I write, what I say, and what I sing are important for others to hear or to be recorded.
It's hard though, when you're not sure what to how to phrase what you want to say.

I have deep feelings about the way the world is going.
Going to pot it is.
It is losing it's viable beauty that made it so wonderful in the history books, or back when my grandparents were growing up.
But has there really ever been in a time in human history where everything was right, good, and praiseworthy?
As far back as my education has taken me and my mind seems to let me recollect, no. It hasn't.
This world has always had some vying for more wealth, power, and pure brute strength over someone else.
There has never been a time in this history of this world where people were just civil towards everyone they come in contact with.
We as humans have to have someone to blame for our problems or there wouldn't be any problems.
There wouldn't reality TV shows if we showed genuine concern and love for others.
There wouldn't be wars and calamities around the globe if everyone would just talk, and respect others opinions and beliefs.
Why can't I believe in my God while you believe in your 10 or no God at all.
Why can't anyone have the same amenities as me, day in and out. 
Why are there people on this earth that don't have water.
Why are there hundreds of babies in orphanages without a mother to coddle and cuddle them.
Why are there hundreds upon thousands of suicides each year.
Why is there so much wrong with the world.

The future is going to be much different for our generation than it was for my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles.
We, will not receive social security, we will not see a beautiful country full of beautiful people, we will not have the bright future which people 60 years ago lived in.
We have too many opinions in the world.
We have too many people believing that their way is the right way.
Why can't we all just be honest is saying that we all think we have it right, but we don't.
When their are differing opinions, someone gets the back hand of the deal.
The world is a place where you look out for yourself.
The world is a place where forgetting about the third world countries, sick and dying babies, and focusing only on self growth and gain in taught and silently revered.

We as a country revere those in the spotlight, the "chosen ones" who are given (on a daily basis) more money than any person should have.
What do they do with that money?
Spend it on clothes, fashion shows, award shows that don't give a dime back to the world.
I'm not saying entertainment isn't great, it is.
But when we idolize these people, we lose what really is important.

The people we should be idolizing are those we don't hear about on the news, the ones that give their whole lives to trying to change the world.
I, ungratefully, am not one of them as much as I would like to be. 
These people are one person against millions who are only thinking of themselves.
Including me.
There have been countless times, recently even, that I have only thought about myself.
I have only thought about money, food, and the future of me.
I've been quite selfish towards this earth, which can be beautiful but is crumbling all around us.

I'm scared for the future.
I wish I could change things, I wish I could help those who cannot be helped...
I wish I could do more.
But I am only one, I am only person who doesn't stand more than five foot two...on a good day.

When you see the world, do you believe it?
When you see the world, do you wish you could change it?

Monday, May 6, 2013

No need for a title.

I'm quite content.
It's a good feeling to have a clean apartment, have your belly full of good food, and your husband asleep on the bed because he had a fantastic first day of work.
Today I started, and finished, The Magician's Nephew, the first in the Narnia series. These books, I have never read and now that I have an exponential amount of time on my hands, I decided to read all of them. Finally.
As if 24 was a couple years later for reading these fantastic written books.
There were many times while I was reading the book that I saw connections to the gospel.
There have been many a person who have said there are religious stands taken within the pages of C.S. Lewis' novels.
I can see them clear as day, especially in the first installment.
There is a part in the book where Aslan creates Narnia.
It begins as a small humming, or sweet low song which eventually invites the lights in the firmament to appear, followed by the growth of vegetation and landscapes.
You read and see Aslan creating the day and night, the oceans and the shores, preceded by the creation of all the animals of the world.
The imagery that I was able to read and be apart of was magnificent. I love being taken out of my rocking chair window and thrust into another world, a world that is not my own. 
With sweet parting words, C.S. Lewis describes, perfectly, the rolling of life.
I loved it so much that I had to take a picture to share it with you.
It starts with, "When things go wrong...."
Isn't that the darnest and truest thing you have heard in awhile?
What fantasticism it is to have so much time to read, ponder, and enjoy the humming of the world to such an extent.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Steady as she goes

My legs are sore, and they just won't stretch out.
I have reached my final shift of my current job...I'm not waiting out an hour to where I will be done.
I can move on.
Try something new.

I wish there was something amazing I could write about.

Ya know,
Even thought there isn't something incredible to say or to reminisce about, my life is pretty great.
I have a loving husband who wows my days and keeps a smile on face, if not, constantly.
I adore this nice weather and I adore my mom who is so kind.

Nothing really to report, life is "steady as she goes".
Perfectly sound.
Just trekking along to an unknown future, full of opportunity.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The recent things to make one happy...

...having a mom who is more generous than anyone I know
...homemade food given to us by friends and family
...surprise texts from friends not spoken to for awhile plants, I love my plants first 4.0 in college, in high school, in junior high, and elementary...ever.
...singing. Always singing
...taking care of my husband, and loving the man I have married
...seeing others partaking of life's happiness
...the Conference edition of the Ensign
...long, hot showers.
...moving on from my old job, to a new job
...Matt being offered two jobs, excitement for which one he picks
...missionary farewells
...friends getting engaged, revamping relationship, and happiness ensuing
...clean house
...finding baby pictures of my husband
...working out everyday
...sunshine, oh how I have missed you
...talking to my brother on the phone
...seeing my friends
...watching warm bodies at the dollar movie
...driving fast down Geneva Rd.
...watching a spring/summer sunset
...the generosity of others
...forgetting the mistakes of others, so I can see the good in them
...our primary kids nephew Dage's cuteness
...the Payson Calls